Zeikos ZE-DC26-P Review


The Zeikos ZE-DC26 is a cheap camera that is clearly aimed at people who are just looking for a way to snap a few photos and are not all the concerned about quality. That being said, even for a cheap camera it is not a great option so we really don’t recommend it to anybody. There are better cameras out there available at a lower price so there is no reason to waste your money on this one.

The Zeikos ZE-DC26 is really at the bottom of the price range for cameras and quite frankly you do get what you pay for. The best thing that we can say about it is that it is fairly compact. It is convenient to have to carry around Zeikos ZE-DC26-Pwith you. The other nice feature that we like about this camera is that it comes with video editing software. This is probably not the big of a deal to most people who likely already have similar software on their computer and that software is likely better than you would get with this camera. Nevertheless it is useful for some people so it is nice to see it included. Unfortunately that is about all that we can say about it that is positive.

The first problem that we have is that the camera has no LCD screen, that means that you can’t see your pictures when you take them. You will have to wait until you get home and plug the camera in so that you can see your pictures. The camera is also very slow to focus so it takes a very long time to be able to take a picture with this camera.

The biggest problem that we have however is the picture quality which is quite frankly poor, even for a twenty five dollar camera. Even pictures that are taken standing still are of a very low quality, trying to take a picture of something that is moving is going to be nearly impossible. The less said about the movie camera the better other than to say that it is of a very low quality.

Clearly the saying that you get what you pay for applies to this camera, overall it is of a very low quality and it provides very little value. It is difficult to use and the end results are not good. We realize that this camera is aimed at people who are just looking for a cheap way to take pictures at family events or when they are out with friends. We also realize that you need to be realistic in your expectations of a camera at this price range. However we would say that even here there are much better cameras available for a similar price so we would not recommend this camera to anybody. It is a waste of money even if it does only cost you twenty five dollars.


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